Tasty Spices

Truffle Parmesan Spice Blend

Cornology worked long and hard to come up with this extraordinary tasting, Italian inspired spice blend, and now it’s available to take home. Use Truffle Parmesan Spice Blend on chicken, fish, baked bread or sprinkled on your own homemade popcorn.

Double Cheddar Spice Blend

Cornology designed this California and Vermont dairy blend to satisfy even the most avid cheese fans. Use this Double Cheddar blend on baked potatoes, french fries, broccoli, or as a topping for your own homemade popcorn.

Jamaican Mojo Spice Blend

Cornology created Jamaican Mojo Spice Blend to capture the subtle Cajun flavors found in Caribbean cultures. This island inspired spice blend can be sprinkled on fish, used to make your own jerky, or as an accent for your own homemade popcorn.

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